Wing Lessons


Snowkiting with a wing works without a harness. You don’t use a kite but a sail, the so-called wing. The wing is very light, has an inflatable structure and sometimes a boom in the middle. He generates power and by using the wind. In this way, you can let yourself be pulled over snow and ice on skis or a snowboard. Compared to snowkiting, you need a bit more wind for winging. Especially those who later on want to learn wingfoiling on the water, learn winging in the snow is a great opportunity of an easy introduction.

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Our course options

Trial Course

In our 4-hours (1 day) trial course you will get to know the material and the wind. You will also learn how to control your wing. At the end of the course we start our first attempts on skis or snowboard. This way you can find out if winging is a sport for you and if would like to learn more.

Beginner Course

The 8-hour beginner course (2 days) builds on the learning content of the trial course. While we concentrate more on the handling of the wing during the first hours, we now deepen the skills on the board or skis. You will learn how to determine your direction and first steering manoeuvres.

Advanced Lessons

In the intermediate or advanced course, we pick you up at your current level of knowledge and practice with you where you left off last time. You just should not be a beginner anymore and remember all relevant safety aspects.

Private Coaching

Try a Private kitesurfing lesson and learn at your own speed with the full attention of your own instructor! You’ll be a confident snowkiter in no time! You can also book one instructor for two persons.

Book now your preferred dates

Our courses take place in groups of two to four people (except for private coaching, of course). For intermediate and advanced courses, we naturally make sure that all participants are more or less at the same level. Since our group lessons are mostly held in German we recommend booking a private lesson or bringing a group of friends with you to get the most out of your lesson. The necessary wing material, i.e. wing and leash, will be provided by us during the course. You need to bring your own snowboard or skis and appropriate boots. You should also wear warm and flexible snow clothing, including gloves, hat and ski or sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen for your face and a fortifying packed lunch.

We are looking forward to you!